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Your Child’s Exam – What to Expect


Welcome Dry Eye Center of Alabama

Welcome to the Dry Eye Center of Alabama. From the parking lot, walk around to the right side of the building where you see our sign. The sidewalk will bring you to our front door.


Lobby Dry Eye Center Alabama

Step inside to see our check-in desk, optical shop, and lobby.


Waiting Room

We also have a waiting room just for kids where you can read, color, watch a movie or sit in a quiet space.


Exam Room, Blue Chair

When it’s your turn, you will come back into an exam room. You get to sit in the big blue chair!


eye chart

The first thing we will do is check your vision. Hold up our funny black glasses over your nose. This will cover up one eye at a time. Let’s see if you can read the letters or match the shapes on the eye chart.


Eye Check Up

Next, we will use a flashlight to look at your eyes. We can check multiple different things with this little flashlight!


tools during eye exam

These are some other tools we may use during your exam. You can put on the black glasses to see in 3D or wear the green parrot glasses. The blue toy lights up to rainbow colors!


Phoropter in Dry Eye Center of Alabama

Let’s find out if glasses would help you see better. Look through the big mickey mouse ears. It’s called a phoropter.



If you don’t want to look through our big glasses, that’s ok! We can use flashlights and lenses to figure out if you need glasses.


slit lamp microscope

The last step of the eye exam is to make sure your eyes are healthy. The doctor will put on a hat with a light and use a magnifying lens to make your eyes look bigger. She may also look with a special light called a slit lamp microscope!


Different Choices of Eye Glasses

If you do need glasses, come see Ms. Haley in the optical shop before you go. She will help you pick out a pair of glasses that you love.

Thanks for visiting us at the Dry Eye Center of Alabama & Family Eye Care!

We can’t wait to see you!