What Are MiSight® Contact Lenses for Myopia?

What Are MiSight® Contact Lenses for Myopia?

What Are MiSight® Contact Lenses for Myopia?

What Are MiSight® Contact Lenses for Myopia?

Myopia is a refractive error that affects many people, especially young children. As kids' eyes tend to grow faster, their nearsightedness progresses quickly. Early detection is ideal for starting treatment to control the condition. Your optometrist may recommend various techniques for slowing or reducing its progression. 


What Is Myopia?


Myopia is a refraction error commonly called nearsightedness. Individuals with the condition do not struggle to see near objects, only those far away. The condition occurs when your eye shape incorrectly bends or refracts incoming light rays. This focuses images before your retina instead of directly on it.


When children experience this refractive error, their eyes grow. This happens as the eyes attempt to correct their focus. However, this increases the risk of nearsightedness. It also creates a dangerous cycle that can lead to severe sight impairment. High myopia increases the risk of eye conditions like glaucoma and retinal detachment. Myopia can develop rapidly or gradually. It can run in families due to genetics. 


Myopia Symptoms 


You may experience some of the following symptoms if you have the refractive error:


  • Eye pain or headaches due to eyestrain

  • Blurry vision when looking at objects far away

  • Difficulty seeing when driving

  • Need to squint so you can see things far away


What Is MiSight?


Myopia or nearsightedness is characterized by sight being out of focus. You can combat this by wearing MiSight® Contact Lenses. MiSight lenses help change the focus of your eyes. They help correct the refractive error that myopia vision causes. This helps improve distant vision for people with myopia.


MiSight contact lenses focus light in front of your retina using concentric peripheral rings. Focusing the light in front of your retina reduces the signals sent to your eyes to help reduce myopia progression.


These lenses are daily disposable contacts, offering convenience to their users. They do not require any disinfecting or cleaning. Hence, its users find it easy to maintain proper hygiene to keep their eyes healthy. MiSight lenses are very comfortable, as they are soft contacts. Individuals with sensitive eyes benefit most from wearing them. Losing the lenses is not frustrating as they are easily replaceable. Since they are disposable, you can open a new pair if you lose any.


Effectiveness of MiSight


A clinical research trial tested MiSight efficacy for three years. The study entailed 135 children aged eight to 12, all provided with the lenses. They were either prescribed traditional or MiSight contact lenses. The results from the study indicated that MiSight contact lenses effectively helped with myopia management. 


Safety of MiSight


MiSight contact lenses are safe for myopia treatment. You can change them daily and dispose of them after use. People are increasingly becoming concerned about the increased risk of eye infection from wearing contact lenses. Fortunately, you reduce your chances of getting an ailment due to the disposable nature of MiSight lenses.


For more about MiSight contact lenses, contact Dry Eye Center of Alabama and Family Eye Care at our office in Homewood, Alabama. Call (205) 490-2322 to book an appointment today.

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