What Skills Can Be Developed Through Vision Therapy?

What Skills Can Be Developed Through Vision Therapy?

What Skills Can Be Developed Through Vision Therapy?

What Skills Can Be Developed Through Vision Therapy?

What if you knew of a way of improving communication between your eyes and brain? Vision therapy is a way of improving your visual system and ensuring that it operates at optimal levels. It is an individualized program that works on children, adults, and athletes.


What Is Vision Therapy?

It is more than simple eye exercises. It is a treatment that helps your eyes develop new skills that improve learning, reading, attention, and concentration. It is a customized program to suit your individual needs. It will evaluate your current skills and develop them.

It retrains your visual system and strengthens its input to increase accuracy and ease. It treats eye conditions and develops skills that enhance your quality of life.


Skills Developed Through Vision Therapy

The therapy uses personalized exercises and other devices to train your visual system. The devices include prisms, lenses, and filters. You will start to notice the results after a few weeks. Some of the skills you can develop through vision therapy include:


  • Eye focusing

  • Eye teaming and tracking

  • Depth perception

  • Visual perception and processing

  • Hand-eye coordination


Eye Focusing

The therapy strengthens the muscles you need to see near and far. When you focus on near objects, the muscles constrict. But when you focus on distant objects, they relax.

Convergence insufficiency makes it easier to focus on far rather than close objects, especially when reading a book or using the computer. Vision therapy is effective in developing these eye-focusing skills.


Eye Teaming and Tracking

It refers to the ability of your eye to move together and follow an object. If an individual lacks coordination or eye teaming, they may develop a lazy eye. It affects their ability to read effectively and learn. It affects individuals with conditions like strabismus. Vision therapy can treat these conditions, but its success depends on the frequency and magnitude of the eye turn.


Depth Perception

The depth perception skill helps you discern whether objects are near or far. You need this skill when playing sports and in class. Vision therapy helps develop it so you can be better at sports and read the board more easily.


Vision Perception and Processing

Vision perception and processing are the ability to be aware of what is going on in your environment. You can see and know what is happening in your visual field. It affects your total width of vision. If there is a problem, it is hard to play sports because you cannot see the ball as you should.


Hand-eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination affects our learning and ability to play sports. It helps us engage in activities like sewing, reading, writing and catching a ball. It is the ability to combine your vision with other senses so you can complete tasks. Vision therapy develops these skills and helps your child learn how to write. It also helps athletes in the field become better at their sports.

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